MCMC Fragrances

Logo, branding and package design for Brooklyn based perfume company MCMC Fragrances. We started with the Stories collection, a series of fragrances that were formed and accompanied by short personal narratives from the creator, Anne McClain-Serrano. These fragrances along with the story felt so generous and intimate; to accentuate that we commissioned a series of ethereal watercolor illustrations from Aidan Koch, each one a pair of hands cupped together and opened in offering.




Branding, packaging and identity design for the “Stories” collection. This was the first iteration of the MCMC branding, which inspired candles, collaborations, and subsequent packaging concepts across the brand.


↑ Packaging design for “Stories” collection candles / “Dude No. 1″ Beard Oil packaging, candle packaging and cologne packaging. ↓

IMG_3711 IMG_3712 IMG_3715

“Humanity Fragrance” collection 2nd edition, a collaboration with Anthropologie.


IMG_3693 IMG_3694 IMG_3695IMG_3698

MCMC x Mociun scents, #1 and #2, package design.


“Humanity Fragrance” collection 1st edition, a collaboration with Anthropologie.