Banh Mi Birthday


Saturday, September 5th 2015 — 5 pm – ∞

1168 Sterling Ave
Berkeley, CA 94708

p: (917) 553-6691 (call or text)

Paul is turning 28 – to celebrate we are burying ourselves under a mountain of banh mi sandwiches and eating our way out into a summer porch party with snacks and drinks. Come to our house and enjoy a sandwich, sip a beverage and enjoy the late summer sunlight on one of our many porches.

What if you brought a beverage? Alcohol? Side dishes? Chips? Salads? Dips? Desserts? It’s all welcome. We’ll provide the banh mi sandwiches (including some vegan ones) and vodka. We will also be unveiling our signature party cocktail the Pauk Wagen. Bring your favorite record, we’ll play it. Paul’s roommates have also suggested there will be a piñata in the shape of his head, but we’ll see about that.


SPECIAL CONSIDERATION: Carpooling is HIGHLY recommended as parking is limited and sometimes crowded on our narrow curvy street. The streets above and below us are accessible by walking path stairways, which can get dark at night but are otherwise charming. The neighbor next to us has a Tesla that he needs to plug in outside of his house and has mentioned he will tow any car that is parked in the way, so I am putting a NO PARKING warning just outside of the lot to the north of us (they are usually full up anyway). Let’s pack em in!